Open Door Learning Center Preschool

“My son has attended ODLC since March and within 6 weeks I watched him develop from a difficult student to a thriving and independent child. I do not even have enough thanks or words of appreciation to express my gratitude for all that they have done.” – parent of ODLC student


Preschool Overview

Open Door Learning Center (ODLC) is an intentionally inclusive preschool dedicated to serving students with and without learning and behavior challenges using the principles of applied behavior analysis. The staff at ODLC focus on building social skills and getting preschool students and their parents ready for Kindergarten. 

Open Door Learning Center (ODLC) is a preschool located on Paxton Campus in Leesburg, Virginia. We have all-day and half-day preschool openings for children 2 years old to 7 years old. Our daily schedule offers a wide variety of activities including: learning exploration centers, gross and fine motor skill development, music activities, social skills building, library time, outside play and more! Moreover, our experienced teachers give individualized attention to our early learners at a low student to teacher ratio (typically 6:1). We also have potty training for all ages, so your early learner does not need to be toilet-trained to join ODLC!

Goals at ODLC

Our goal is for each preschool student to master all developmental milestones and/or mastery of our Starfall Standards prior to preschool graduation and entering kindergarten. As a result, students who master these learning block skills, will thrive in a mainstream kindergarten environment. Through our program, students will also have the unique opportunity to learn behavioral, social, emotional and pre-academic skills in a natural (play-based) setting. In addition, we individualize each preschool child’s educational experience so that EVERY child can succeed!

Teaching Practices

Teaching practices at the school are derived primarily from applied behavior analysis (ABA). Some of these practices include: positive reinforcement, direct instruction, continuous measurement of learning, and strategic data analysis. We offer a wide range of enriching activities that focus on building each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills. Our various teaching methods include hands-on teaching, traditional classroom instruction, and individualized instruction. To learn more about our preschool services, please click on the buttons below. 


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