ALLY “A Life Like Yours” Advocacy Center

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ALLY “A Life Like Yours” Advocacy Center is your community resource for information, recreation, advocacy and support.  ALLY fills the unmet needs of the community by providing free information on disability rights, guidance, support, events, and workshops to families and caretakers of those with disabilities and the professionals who work with them.

People with disabilities often face many hurdles as they attempt to live their lives as fully-engaged, active members of society. Finding information and support regarding education, employment, public benefits, housing, and healthcare can be an overwhelming experience.

We are here to help.

We build relationships and collaborate with other nonprofits and governmental agencies to provide the opportunities, services, and programming that individuals need.

The core belief of ALLY is that children benefit most from their education when parents and professionals work together as partners. ALLY meets the unmet needs of the community by providing programs and events for children and adults with disabilities in an inclusive atmosphere.

Effective advocacy starts with knowledge. ALLY provides:dkfd

  • Individualized Education Planning
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Support Groups
  • Parent/Caregiver Training & Workshops
  • Information & Referrals
  • Community Events
  • Social Opportunities for Adults
  • Systemic Advocacy & Awareness

The staff of ALLY works hard to keep up to date on public and private programming, information and disability rights services available in the community.  We work closely with clients to identify local, state and federal agencies that provide the necessary supports and services they need to function in their daily lives.  We collaborate with many social service agencies in Loudoun County to secure the best available services for our clients.  We strive to serve those families in Loudoun County who are working but struggling due to the high cost of living in the area, low wages and the high cost of dependent care.